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Gaming Cxmmunity June Newsletter

Updated: Jan 24

Cxmmunity is filling the summer with new Esports Readiness Programs, community events, and social media content! This past month we met with many students, professionals, and community leaders from California to Philadelphia. We’re excited to bring you new content and opportunities throughout July, as well!

In The Cxmmunity was hosted at SoLa Impact Labs in collaboration with Riot Games


In The Cxmmunity LA

On Saturday June 17th, Gaming Cxmmunity Co. in collaboration with Riot Games hosted our second In The Cxmmunity event at SoLa Impact Labs in Los Angeles, California! This social gathering for students, parents, teachers, and community members brought in over 600 guests and provided fun, games, and invaluable connections. Thank you to everyone who joined us; we hope you had a wonderful time!

The day prior, we hosted an Esports Readiness Program taught by our wonderful facilitator Niya Cooper and Riot Games. This program taught students the 101 of the Video Game Industry and Video Game Design.

Thank you to SoLa Impact Labs for this incredible opportunity! SoLa Impact is a family of social impact real estate funds with a double bottom line strategy focused on preserving, refreshing, and creating high-quality affordable housing in low-income communities.

Philly Hopeworks ERP

Thank you to Hopeworks Camden in Philly for collaborating with us on another Esports Readiness Program! We taught an excited and engaged group of students the structure of the Esports and Gaming Industry. Thank you to everyone who attended and we hope to see you all again!


In The Cxmmunity YouTube Channel

In The Cxmmunity is on YouTube! Subscribe and turn on notifications to stay up to date on new content from our events and team! You can view our entire Riot Fireside Chats series, The Women's Cxnnect series, The Cxnnect with Riot Games series, and more!

New! In The Cxmmunity Discord Server

Scholars, parents, and professionals have a new place to Cxnnect! In The Cxmmunity has a dedicated Discord server for students and scholars to meet, share resources, and find new opportunities.

Join us today In The Cxmmunity!


Recent Press Coverage

Thank you to Riot Games for highlighting Cxmmunity and the In The Cxmmunity event! View and share their post on LinkedIn.

Thank you to The Collab Catalyst for writing a feature on Cxmmunity! View and share their post on LinkedIn.

Thank you once again to Hopeworks Camden for collaborating with us for our In The Cxmmunity event! View and share their post on Twitter.


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