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Cxmmunity Opportunities.

Cxmmunity Opportunities is a monthly career and education conference designed to deliver new industry opportunities to students of HBCU schools.

This online event occurs on the first Tuesday of every month.

Cxmmunity Opportunities

Our mission is to increase the participation of minorities within the esports, video game, and technology industries so there is equal opportunity as new jobs and professions arise.


We do this by helping minority youth develop skills within business management and STEAM by exposing them and providing access to video game publishers, film productions, sports and entertainment executives, professional athletes, and world-renowned artists.

What's involved in each pop-up:

  • Information on current jobs, internships, and scholarships available to the HBCU Student community.

  • Opportunities are TECH-focused, not just gaming

  • Opportunities span across different major categories: finance, legal, operations, etc.

  • Presentations from corporate partners about their jobs, internships, and scholarships.

  • Information on opportunities in gaming, esports, and technology outside of jobs, internships, and scholarships.

  • These opportunities include an HBCU Esports league, gaming tournaments, and educational/programming opportunities with k-12 schools and students.

  • Student information will be uploaded to our “current students” data base to inform students of future opportunities.

Previous Partners

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