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Booz Allen Mentorship Program

The Cxmmunity Foundation is partnering with the Booz Allen Foundation to provide a special mentorship program for college students of all majors!

Our goal is to connect HBCU students with Booz Allen Hamilton employees, creating valuable touch points for career exploration and providing insights into emerging and growing careers in tech. This free, virtual program will connect you with a mentor that you can meet with at least once a month who matches your career aspirations and can help you set and achieve your goals.

Students will have the chance to demonstrate how they apply the knowledge and skills gained from their mentors to real-world scenarios or projects. This could include case studies, examples of work completed during the mentorship, or plans for applying their learnings in their future careers.

This program culminates in an end-of-year showcase in Atlanta, Georgia where students and their mentors can share their results and reflections of this program in a grand Showcase!

You won't want to miss this incredible opportunity to gain valuable mentorship and career insights. Applications are still open for this program!

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