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Welcome to Summer! June 2024 Newsletter

Hey Gamer:

We hope you're enjoying your summer!

Stay cool and hydrated, protect your skin from the Sun, and stay up to date on your local weather news for daily and weekly weather advisories!


Cxmmunity Foundation Team

Booz Allen Foundation + The Cxmmunity Foundation Virtual Mentorship Program



The Cxnnect with Delta Credit Financial Union Financial Literacy Series

  • How much do you know about the Impact of Gaming? Check out our recent LinkedIn Post to learn more about why gaming as a medium is so influential and meaningful to gamers and creatives across the world!

  • HUGE Shoutout to Nourish + Bloom who we held a very successful gaming tech educational program with! We taught students how to use OBS and Canva to create creative recording overlays and how to design concept art like pros! You can watch us in action on our Instagram @TheCxmmunityFoundation! And check out our exclusive interview with Nourish and Bloom describing how their black owned, AI supermarket is building a better future.

  • The Cxmmunity Foundation participated in #AtlantaTechWeek at the Atlanta Tech Village on June 11th! Thank you to everyone we met who understands our vision for creating new tech spaces for gamers and creators in esports and gaming! Check out our highlight reel!

  • The Cxmmunity Foundation collaborated with The Steve Harvey Foundation to demonstrate industry tech for students in esports and gaming. Julian Fitzgerald and Jyron Baines worked hands on with students to showcase pathways in gaming and the skills and tech used every day. Check out our highlight reel of this exciting day!

  • Thank you to everyone who attended our Cxnnect Series with Delta Credit Financial Union on Financial Literacy! We all learned so much from Tionna Skipper about how and why we spend our money, how to be more conscious and strategic about spending and saving, and how to plan for our futures! You can check out the full sessions starting July 4th on our YouTube channel! Subscribe and turn notifications on!



Booz Allen Mentorship Program

We have a special mentorship program, now open to ALL college students of ALL majors!

Our first info session will be July 1st from 5pm to 6pm. Register to receive the zoom link in your email!

Cxmmunity Opportunities Town Hall

Cxmmunity Opportunities Town Hall

Discord Stage Monthly Series

We're bringing back Cxmmunity Opportunities, now exclusive to the In The Cxmmunity Discord server! Join us on the second Monday of every month to discuss industry opportunities, Cxmmunity events, and the accomplishments of our fellow members.

The Ribbon Cutting Town Hall will occur on Monday July 8th from 5pm to 6pm (eastern standard time). We will review June's newsletter, discuss industry news, and connect with attending members personally to learn about you all and your goals!

If you're new to Discord, don't worry! We'll also be providing an Intro to Discord lesson as well to help you maximize this amazing platform and this community.

Town Halls are open to ALL members! We look forward to seeing you!

Intro to Gaming Q&A Session

Monthly Workforce Info Session

On the third Monday of every month, the In The Cxmmunity Discord server will host a workforce education info, question, and answer session. These are opportunities for us to review core topics in esports and gaming, and to focus on what you want to know about them!

The first Q&A session will be on Intro to Gaming, where we will review our previous Riot Fireside Chat and dive deeper into what gaming is from both recreational and vocational standpoints. Join us on Monday, July 15th from 5pm to 6pm (eastern standard time).

If you have questions ahead of the session, drop them in this quick form. This Q&A Session is open to all members!



  • Amir Satvat has updated the Games Jobs Workbook! Check it out for opportunities from thousands of companies across the industry!

  • Apex Hosting is offering a $2,000 Minecraft Scholarship for high school students! Write an essay on how Minecraft can positively influence education and workforce development to qualify. Application deadline is July 31st so register now! Apply Now.

  • The Level Up Scholarship is a $2,000 scholarship open to high school seniors and undergraduate students interested in studying programing, graphics, or animation. Describe how gaming has made a positive influence on your life to apply! Apply here by June 30th.


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Sign up to volunteer with Cxmmunity! Excellent for connecting with students, shadowing and mentorship, and industry experience!

Update your status and experiences with our Student Interest Survey, built to provide you the best opportunities from our partners around the country. Your data is protected and you will always be asked first when new opportunities arise!



Visit our Resources Blog for news and updates.

Visit our Job Board for jobs, internships, and scholarship opportunities.

Watch our 'In The Cxmmunity Atlanta' recap video.

Watch last year's 'The Cxnnect with Riot Games'.


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